91 7th and 8th Graders Create your own adventure reading/writing.

Add your "Door" link to the bottom of the paragraph after it has been PEER edited and initialed.

Continue other stories by writing a paragraph about what happened next and ending your paragraph with a Cliffhanger so that others can continue your story.

You should add at least one new paragraph to a story every class period and edit another one.

On his/her/my walk home from school, to her/his/my new house, he/I/she saw the mail truck stopped at their/my house. Deciding to be nice to his/her/my parents he/she/I got the mail out of the mailbox and brought it into the house. While throwing the mail onto the kitchen counter, a bright red envelope caught his/her/my eye. Curious, he/she/I looked at the bright rosy envelope to see who it was for. It said "Please deliver to the shed behind the house." Thinking this was a fun game, thought up by his/her/my parents to get him/her/me to find the new bike that had been promised, he/she/I walked out to the shed, opened the door and stepped it side. Boom! The door slammed shut behind him/her/me, it was locked. Feeling around for the light switch he/she/I found them and flicked the switch. The lights came on and he/she/I saw a room with over 30 closed doors. Not knowing what else to do he/she/I walked over and opened door number...

Door Links
1. because it was closest and immediately got blasted with a snow storm.
2.two. She started to open it slowly...
3.She opened the door and a gust of wind hit her.
4. because it was his favorite number
He opened the door number 5
Six, he walked right into door number six, and a gust of wind hit him.
7.she opened door number 7,stepped in,and was suddenly plummeting toward what seemed to be neon green shag carpet.
Door 8 opened and there he was, Joe, the venezuelien ambassador!
I opened door number nine, and felt a slight breeze.
Ten and found yet another hallway...
11.11. He was blasted with a burst of air.
He walked into door 12, and it was pitch black.
I opened door number thirteen and a bright light blinded me.
I opened door number 14, and the smell of dust and decay filled my nostrils.
Fifteen. .
16.Door 16. A mystical white heavy fog came through
17.and dropped. The door led to a drop off in the middle of the sky
18.Inside was pick black
Door 19 opened to reveal a picture perfect moment.
door 20 opened and he fell face first into the water
21.Then he opened door number 21 and it was on a ship
door 22 opened...
25. there i found the mailman, tied and gagged in a corner... 25.
27.He opened door number 27 and felt a warm breeze.
28.and a big flash of light shot in my face.